This car was purchased for $350, and the seller was insistent that it was a parts car only, that it could never be restored or put back on the road. Well, it took a bit of work just to make it roll onto a trailer, but we spent about a month on it fixing brakes all the way around, patching big holes in the floor, new wheels/tires and of course, dropping in a used LS truck engine and transmission. The patina is what this car is all about. That, and being able to drive it anywhere, any time. It is a great cruiser and we wouldn’t hesitate to take it anywhere (unless it rains a bunch, the car is still kinda porous)

5.3 LM7 Comp Cams NSR Thumpr stage 2 cam, dual 2.5″ exhaust
4L60E automatic transmission
Scarebird front disc conversion
Coker Classic tires and 15×7 Allied Supremes

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  9:00 am – 9:30 am1 space available