Let’s talk about the much anticipated WINTER PROJECTS!!

Let’s talk about the much anticipated WINTER PROJECTS!!

It’s a thing…

We all get out in the summer months and show, race, or cruise our projects while the weather is good. Most car people have plans for what is going to be built, repaired, upgraded or customized over the winter.

Here at HMCS, our team has some fun personal winter projects in the works, aside from
working on all of your fun winter projects that are in our shop. Paul is working on the much anticipated resurrection of his third gen Camaro he has had since high school. He has been prepping this LQ4 6.0 LS to drop in and it will be backed by a Tremec Magnum 6 speed transmission.

Jennifer recently pulled an LS1 and 6 speed T56 out of a 2002 Camaro SS with only 44k miles on it. She is planning on putting it in her 1980 Camaro, once Paul gets done with his Camaro and can give her a hand.

James’ winter project is actually a surprise for a friend of a friend. Similar to the show Overhaulin’ but on a much smaller budget and much longer timeline. The truck is a 1968 K20 that’s been swapped with a 1970 front clip. (And not to be confused with James’ OWN 1968 orange K20) It has already had an engine swap and now boasts a 500ci Cadillac V8. This truck will be getting fresh brakes front and rear, a cleaned up interior, Dakota Digital instruments, numerous leaks fixed and a complete rewire, amongst other things.

Matt’s project car recently became his daily driver and therefore moved up the timeline on all repairs for his 1992 Pontiac Firebird. Jennifer actually bought this car last year from a young guy who had basically tried taking apart every last thing on the car and had no idea how to put it back together. Paul and Jennifer worked to get it mostly put back together and running, and then when Matt joined our team last summer, he bought the car and has been continuing the journey of finding all the weird things done to this car in the past. He had been plugging away intermittently, however the schedule of repairs has been expedited significantly. The heater was the first order of business, as it is January in Western Washington. Matt just purchased the wheels and tires, brakes, and rear axle from the ‘02 Camaro SS Jennifer is now parting out, and she had some lowering springs that Matt picked up too. The Firebird should be much safer within the week and then all the other little things can have their turn!

Amelia and her family are working on the final stages of restoration on their 1962 Porsche 356 Super 90. Amelia’s husband Erich bought the Porsche in 1983 and it was a daily driver for years. Amelia came along in 1998 and also enjoyed driving the car regularly. In 2011, they started a full restoration on the Porsche, which also coincided with the Tritz’s having recently welcomed a son into their family and the Porsche wasn’t necessarily a safe family car. It was painted in 2015 and the car has been in the process of reassembly for the last few years and is currently awaiting the final touches of adding glass and one last tune up. They are taking the car to the Porsche RennSport Reunion event at the Laguna Seca Raceway in California this year in September and are looking forward to cruising again in this car.

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