Paul and Jennifer bought this pickup in stock condition from the son of the original owner. He remembered going with his dad to Dewey Griffin GMC to order this truck in 1981. It was special ordered with few options but did include a “Z07 Special Economy Truck” package which included a 4.1L  6 cylinder engine, a 4 speed overdrive manual transmission and 2.56 rear gears, which GMC claimed could net up to 30 mpg. 

In keeping with the economy/base model theme Paul swapped in a cammed 4.8 LR4 engine, kept the oddball NP440 4 speed trans, and has been using it as a daily driver ever since. It averages 15 MPG with well over 3 times the hp it started with. 

4.8 LR4 Gen 3 small block, Comp Cams Thumpr Stage 1 camshaft

NP440 4 speed transmission

10 bolt rear axle 3.73 gears and Yukon limited slip differential

5/6 drop using Belltech drop spindles, cut springs, Western Chassis flip kit and C notch.

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