In 2018, Heavy Metal Custom Shop had the privilege of being part of a special project.
Bellingham local, Ron Muggerud was rebuilding a 1975 C10 that he had owned for 35
The two tone red and white beauty had been Ron’s daily driver for a better part of those
35 years before an unfortunate freeway accident wrecked the entire front end of the

Shortly after the wreck, which thankfully Ron emerged with minor injuries only, the truck
was put into heated storage for about 10 years. During this time, Ron’s grandson,
Jonah, a freshman in high school, showed interest in the truck.

This started a two year restoration on the Chevrolet truck. Ron did not want Jonah to
have a fixer upper truck, as he knew Jonah’s time would be occupied with school, first
high school and then college. The goal was to give Jonah a solid, dependable truck that
needed nothing, basically a brand new 45 year old pickup. He started at the front
bumper, if anything had any wear on it all, it was replaced or repaired. Bumpers, brakes,
hoses, engine, transmission, new floor, rockers, and paint.

Whenever Jonah, who lived in California at the time, came up to visit, the two would
work on the truck together.

Here at Heavy Metal Custom Shop, we had the honor of helping with the project.
Finishing the truck out after paint- installing moldings and trim, carpet, sound deadener,
lights, gauges, handles, door panels, stereo, wipers, rerouting speaker wiring, rebuilding
the carburetor, installing radiator, doing the engine break in, adjusting brakes, replacing
door hinges and pins, setting fender and hood gaps, and more! Ron’s enthusiasm for
having a perfect truck for his grandson spilled over to the whole team and we were
almost as excited as Ron for Jonah to have this amazing gift.

Once the truck was finished and road worthy, Ron and Jonah took a memorable two
day road trip from Bellingham, WA to Corta Madera, California, where Jonah lives.
Grandfather and grandson enjoyed the trip, making unforgettable memories along the
way. What an awesome experience to share!

When they arrived at Jonah’s home, the experience for Jonah was topped with the
biggest cherry of all when Ron handed him the keys to the pristine C10 and said, “Here
is your graduation present, enjoy!”

Photo Credit: Nathaniel Johnstone @Nathan.jhs on IG

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