These 5 words have gotten us in trouble a time or two.  But the first time “Don’t come home without it,” was used it was about our ’87 GMC Crewcab which we affectionately call The Unicorn.

Paul and I grew up about 4 miles apart.  We attended the same schools until 8th grade and had the same stompin grounds, although we stomped separately at that time.

When we began dating in our twenties, our conversations often developed around cars, trucks, and other fun stuff.  One day we came to an interesting topic, a black GMC squarebody crewcab that had been parked on Goshen Rd road for a few years.  The truck was no longer there, but we both remembered it fondly. It was the ideal squarebody truck, lifted, black, nice cowl induction hood, a sweet BIG truck.

Paul had been talking of building a squarebody truck, but no matter how many prospects he showed me, I turned them down.  It just wasn’t the same. He assured me he could build it to look exactly the same, but I just couldn’t get on board. From time to time we would chat about that truck.

Then one day I got a text from Paul.  The black squarebody GMC crewcab was BACK!!!  At the same house. Parked out front, just like it had been for years.

And so, the infamous words were texted, “Don’t come home without it.”  

Paul immediately left a note on the guy’s door, since no one was home, that we were interested and if he ever wanted to sell it, please give us a call.  About an hour later, the phone rang, the guy said he was tired of the project and would consider selling it to us. However, he warned that he wanted “a pretty penny for it” as he had over 10k just in paint alone.

We had to know if we could make it work.  We figured he probably wanted about 10-12k for it, something we definitely didn’t have, but hey if we had to knock over a liquor store or two (or ten) to get our hands on this truck, it would totally be worth it.  Just kidding, don’t freak out.

Paul went and met with the guy and checked out the truck.  It definitely needed some work, but was a strong runner, and was solid.  And so, so pretty. Holding his breath, while looking very nonchalant of course, Paul asked what he wanted for it.

“I won’t take a penny less than six grand.” He said.

What the heck?  That literally was half of what we were prepared to hear!  Paul pretended to ponder this for a moment before agreeing.  The next day we brought home “The Unicorn” as it was quickly dubbed, being as it was the illusive truck we had dreamed of and chased for years.

The Unicorn is on our “Do Not Sell For Any Amount” list.  It is slated for a future Cummins swap which will make it a mean towing machine.  It has proven to continue to be the truck of our dreams, I was in town last year when a huge black squarebody crew pulled out across the street from where I was and my breath caught- it was the sweetest truck I had seen since our own- wait!  That WAS my truck!! Lol.

About once a year I turn to Paul and say, “I just can’t believe that this is the truck we both loved, before we were even together, that we both wanted, that we thought was gone forever.  I can’t believe that we OWN it! And I can’t believe we got it for SIX GRAND!”

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