This ’64 Bonneville is a car that we built just for ourselves.  Patina is not for everyone, and we get that, but to us patina cars are uniquely beautiful. Each one has a story that cannot be duplicated.  While there may be many restored ’64 Bonnevilles, there will never be another car with this unique look and story.  She is truly one of a kind.

This beauty was advertised as "for parts only".  We saw  lifetime of history to be showcased, not erased by a full restoration.

A car with true patina wears her history proudly.  A walk around this Bonneville gives you glimpses of her perfect long lines on the showroom floor, showcased in her original blue.  You can visualize her white repaint and imagine the excitement her 2nd or 3rd owner felt getting her back with that new paint job.  The scars and lines tell her life story and are something we all can relate to.  We can mourn with her the 30 plus years she sat as a parts car waiting to be dismembered.  Rejoice with her the moment I saw her on Craigslist (for parts only) and declared her stunningly beautiful.  Look at her sweet Astro Supreme wheels, LS swap, and work in progress interior and see the time, money, and love being poured into her currently to resurrect this piece of American history.  A lifetime to be showcased, not erased by a full restoration.  Beauty exactly as she earned it.  A testament to American cars, she is back on the road, wearing her age confidently, proudly, and to be admired.

The Bonneville was a “New Year-New Car” project for 2017, meaning we picked her up on New Years Eve with the intention of building her in 2017.  In May, we launched into a 30 day build to ready her for the upcoming Billetproof Northwest show the end of June.  We did make it, but just barely, and had several kinks to work out after returning home.

By our family vacation and Winthrop car show in September 2017, she was ready to cruise and we headed over the North Cascades Highway easily and with confidence.

The #downanddirtybonneville, as she has been dubbed has been an absolute blast to own and drive.  In July 2018, we took her to the Dreambuilders Car Show in Monroe, WA and had the honor of bringing home the award for Best Patina.  Such a fun way to honor this survivor that came so close to being cut up for parts, not only is she back on the road, but she is being recognized for her glorious natural patina.


  • "Best Patina" at the 2018 Dreambuilders Car Show - Monroe, WA