This customer came to us with a dream 15 years in the making.  As a young man he had seen a Chrysler 300G convertible with the Sonoramic commando dual carburetor option at a car show, and the image of that car and that engine stuck in his head.  Fifteen years ago he found this 61 Newport convertible, but it had the much tamer 361 with a single 4 barrel.

Over the years he sought out and collected the necessary parts to build a one of a kind car, not quite a 300G clone, more like a Newport with all the 300 options stacked onto it. Needing an engine worthy of the dual four barrels, he located a donor car that cave up its 440, 727 auto trans, and 8.75″ rear axle. We swapped the drivetrain for him, restored the intake manifolds and carburetors, added a front sway bar, rebuilt the front “Total Contact” front brakes, converted the manual windows to power and added the 300 specific side moldings (not shown in pics).