Photo Credit: Stryka Media

We had a blast building this truck!  We chose this truck because of a few features, but the clincher was the original 20” wheels that give this low, mean build such a unique look.  We found the truck on Craigslist, and bought it from a reluctant seller who wanted to see it restored to its original farm truck look.  However, it had been for sale for quite some time, with no buyers, so he decided to let it go.  At some point in its past, the truck had been painted the primer black and had been disassembled and stored all around a property – under the porch of a house, in a barn, out back in the wood shed.  The good news is- after the treasure hunt was over, the parts had been protected from many years of weather.  The gentleman we bought it from put the pieces back together.  It was mostly complete, just without motor/trans and floor.  The partly wood interior had rotted away, but considering its age, the metal was in great shape!  Very little cancer.

We had fun getting it home, the huge diff and spring pack in the back of the truck made it very heavy at the back, and light in the front, the trailer was lifting in the front.  By the time we got home with it (from Monroe, WA- about 1.5 hours away) we had stopped multiple times, attaching everything we could find to the front of our trailer to get the weight evened out.  Spare tires, junk from beside the road, you name it… always an adventure.

Getting it home, we got started pretty quick, stripping the frame bare and cleaning it up.  Then we set the frame down on some 4×4 blocks on the floor to determine our frame height.  Getting the cab back on the frame, we set the front and rear axles to establish the wheel base.

Up next was putting the 14” Z in the frame to get the front down nice and low.  We also removed a bunch of springs from the original huge springpack.  Once we had the front axle positioned, we set it in place with a transverse leaf spring.  (We later added shocks and a steering stabilizer to eliminate death-wobble).

Neither of us can remember if we put the Cadillac 500 in place next or if we did the chop and channel.  However, they both happened.  The cab had 6 inches cut out of the it all around, giving it a nasty attitude problem.  The bottom of the cab was channeled 6” as well, letting it sit down nice and low.  The radiator was put in behind the cab and plumbed with copper tubing for a sweet little accent.

The original grill was shortened and placed out front, a new floor was built, since the wooden one was no longer with us.  A 200R4 trans was thrown in and a custom driveline built to connect it with the original 1.5 ton big and beautiful rear diff with 6.17 gears.

The dual exhaust was added with 4” stacks, held in place by motorcycle chain brackets.

We love the attitude of this truck, and it certainly gets attention wherever it goes.  We feel we took the best features of this truck and accented them to make for a mean custom ride.  It has been a lot of fun showing the truck and talking to other ratrod/custom enthusiasts!


  • 2018 Manson Ratrod Show Sponsor Favorite
  • Best Rat Truck, Manson Ratrod Show 2016
  • Best Rat Rod, Mt Vernon Ratrod and Lowrider Show 2016
  • Most Interesting Construction, Mt Vernon Ratrod and Lowrider Show 2016