I came across Heavy Metal Custom Shop when I was looking for a shop to perform a pre-purchase inspection of my 1965 Mustang. I am from the East Coast and was not able to travel to kick the tires and needed shop that could do a bumper to bumper inspection. I went with HMCS  because I felt they would be familiar with classic and custom cars and would know what to look for rather than a regular repair shop. I am so glad I did! I was extremely happy with the level of detail in the report. The report noted minor things as missing - loose bolts, chafed wires, missing light bulbs, and then went into great detail on engine, compression, transmission, clutch, radiator, suspension, fluids, breaks, corrosion, depth of paint ect.  Paul then spent an hour with me on the phone discussing every detail of the report - the good, the bad, and the ugly, breaking items down to "just a heads up" or "fix soon" and "fix ASAP". I have never felt more informed when buying a used car and will have the car back to them to address the necessary things before I have it shipped.

Thank You Heavy Metal Custom Shop for exceeding my expectations!

M.M.  Stoneham, MA

“Our 1972 GMC Pickup was in need of a complete frame off restoration.  All three of our children had driven it to school and we had used it to landscape four different yards.  There was eventually much needed “delayed maintenance.”  Paul knew just what to do.  Through every step of the project, he communicated well, gave us options for different fixes and followed through with what had been decided.  What resulted was a family heirloom that was brought back to us in as new condition.  I would highly recommend Paul whatever your project.”

Mike Gastineau
Belfair, WA

“I can’t say enough about Heavy Metal Custom Shop, and the owners, Paul and Jennifer Teigrob.  They are a killer team, and their projects speak for themselves.  They do amazing work.  They are a creative, incredibly hardworking couple that turns out one amazing project after another.  They can turn rust into gold, and they have an incredible eye for style.  I have to add that not only are they fantastic car builders, they are amazing, kind, generous people.  I am proud to know them, and consider them as friends.

I bought a 1968 Cadillac Calais from them three years ago that was near and dear to their hearts, and over the last few years we got to know each other in talking about the car and seeing each other at car shows.  They would even borrow the Cadillac, clean it up, take photos, and do work to it here and there just because they loved that car so much.  It is safe to say that true love goes into each and every one of their projects.   That Cadillac was without a doubt one of the coolest cars in town, and turned heads on every street and at every show.  What they did was so unique, yet clean and simple.  Sadly, I no longer have the car due to a shift in priorities, but you can bet that when I am in the market for a killer ride again, I will be calling them up!”

Clayton Swansen
Blaine, WA



“I contacted Heavy Metal Custom Shop regarding the frame swap on my 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup truck.  Paul and Jennifer were excited to take on the task and to try new things with the project.  Paul installed the new S10 frame, fabricated new body mounts, replaced rusted out floor pans and will be installing the LS based engine in it, all while continually thinking about the overall safety of the truck.  They kept me in the loop with the project, sending pictures and updates as it came along.  Paul’s attention to detail is exceptional.  He was able to come up with a great course of action to stay within the set budget.  I will absolutely continue to work with Paul and Jennifer on any other pieces of antiquated equipment that I may come up with.”

Michael Puderbaugh
Lynden, WA

“As a photographer, you’re constantly looking through the lens for creativity and talent.  When I found the fine folks at Heavy Metal Custom Shop, I was fortunate to find both at the same time!  With a vision for custom builds, and the quality workmanship to bring it to life, I’ve been able to bring the builds to the public via imagery.”

Stryka Media
Bellingham, WA